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Mailing Address for Check(s):

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*If the fee is $600 or more, a W-9 tax form will be required prior to payment. Please fill out and return with this agreement.

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  1. There are fixed expenses for each event/performance which include operations (staff and venue $350/day, house management $50/performance), ticketing fees ($2/ticket sold and .029 merchant credit card fee of total ticket sales) & any additional staff to set up the venue that is needed. All of which will be deducted from the proceeds before percentages are split. If this is a fee/stipend based event (not a percentage split event) this does not apply to you, please skip this one!
  2. Artists/performers/producers are asked to promote to their contacts, email lists and social media platforms, to ensure the greatest success of every event. We cannot share our email list, but will promote and advertise all events to our database and contacts.
  3. We do not use or print pre-designed event marketing materials. All artwork (event logos, photos, graphics, art) provided will be used within our ‘Center for the Arts at Kayenta’ branding templates, according to our marketing policies and procedures.

Required Marketing Information

We need information about your event or production! The marketing for your event will only be as good as the information you give us. Please spend some time making sure the event /production is represented by quality images and detailed information.
Maximum upload size: 2MB
1. Square image (600px x 600px): Website events list menu, email blasts. 2. Rectangle image (1800px x 600px): Website event background image on landing page. 3. One more image that you love that represents your production
Maximum upload size: 52.43MB
Maximum upload size: 52.43MB

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Center For the Arts at Kayenta
881 Coyote Gulch Court, IVins, Utah 84738
Office / Box Office (435) 674-2787 (ARTS)

Executive Director, Jan Broberg (435) 862-1314 JaniBroberg@gmail.com
Managing Director, Anna Charnock (305) 900-7725 KayentaPAC@gmail.com
Lisa Cox: Production Stage Manager
Marketing Director, Michelle Sundberg (435) 680-1756 MichelleSunstg@gmail.com
Facility Manager, David Poffenberger (425) 828-2468 dpoff@c3mg.com
Business Sponsorship Manager, Carrie Bunker (801) 230-2468 Carrieit230@gmail.com

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