Kayenta Arts Academy

Kayenta Arts Academy is an experience unlike any other – with professional artists & teachers sharing their expertise, skills, & passion for their art. With programming that includes classes in musical theater, acting & scene study, music & movement, Teamwork & improvisation students build their artistic skills while simultaneously building life skills such as confidence, focus & public speaking.

Kayenta Arts Academy (KAA) Summer Theatre Arts & Performances!

We look forward to welcoming new and returning students for a summer filled with learning, laughter, and fun! As a nonprofit organization, our goal is to provide an exceptional theatrical experience and education to every student actor interested in participating. Please complete the registration form below. Scholarships and financial assistance are also available. Please click the link below the registration form to apply!
2019 Feedback:

“KAA helps build confidence and self-awareness.”

“KAA builds empathy, confidence, and the best stage skills.”

‘KAA truly brings out the best in my children.”

“KAA inspires children to be the best they can be. It’s a wonderful experience for any child.”

Center For the Arts at Kayenta, 881 Coyote Gulch Court, Ivins Utah 84738

July 6—17 M-F
Two Week Class Session
9am–2pm; for ages 9—13

July 20—31 M-F
Two Week Class Session
9am–2pm; for ages 9—13

July 6—August 8
Four Week Class Session
9am–3pm; for ages 9—13

July 6—August 8
Four Week Class Session
9am–3pm; for ages 14—17

Note: The 4-week Classes culminate in the fifth week, Aug 1-8, of rehearsals and performances in Seussical!

Two Week Classes $150

Four Week Class $300 plus $20 costume fee

Sibling Discount: $20 per class

Scholarships Available

Each two-week class will culminate in a lively presentation of classwork for family and friends to attend. Classes will hold presentations on the final class day. Details will be noted in the welcome letter you will receive the following registration.

Intro to Acting.:
Build confidence and explore character, relationships, action, and text by diving into a script to work bringing characters to life.

Acting & Scene Study:
Students will build confidence through play and exploration of character, relationships, emotions, and reactions while on stage. These acting tools can be used to bring any scene or monologue to life!

Musical Theatre:
Increase your versatility and work on new vocal and dance techniques while exploring the art of telling a story through words, music and movement.

Develop expressiveness, spontaneity, and train your brain to think quickly and with reason through improvisational character and scene work.

Music, Movement, and Art:
Students will move, sing, play and create using a wide array of instruments and props making joyful sounds together. Come ready to explore the marvelous sounds of xylophones, recorders, drums, and more, and to create movement, and visual art, as we take to the stage!


Allie Baguley moved to Northern Utah in 2005 with her four brothers, two sisters, and parents. Allie began acting in the seventh grade and became involved with her high school’s drama program in the tenth grade. During her senior year, Allie had the opportunity to compete at the Utah Shakespeare Festival and State Drama Competitions. She received all Superiors for her Monologue and her team won 1st place in the State for their One Act play, Women and War.

After graduating in 2014, Allie was accepted to Dixie State University on a full scholarship and moved to St. George the following fall. Allie discovered an interest in teaching during her first semester and became a Theater Major with an emphasis in Secondary Education. Allie spent three years in the Dixie State Theater program participating in every show, by acting, designing costumes and lights or stage managing. Allie student taught at Vista School in Ivins before graduating with honors in 2018. Allie currently teaches 4th and 5th grade drama at Vista Charter School in Ivins Utah. She is the director of the Vista Shakespeare Company, which placed 4th out of 24 schools with their ensemble scene from Macbeth in October 2019. Allie met her husband, David, during their first year of college. They have two dogs, Graham and Willow, who have been keeping them busy while the theater is temporarily closed. Allie hopes to continue growing with her fabulous and talented team at Kayenta, as well as being able to share the wonderful world of theater with her students.


Ami Kawailani Gent has been a certified vocal instructor with the international company Throga since 2018. She has taught around the country for Throga vocal retreats teaching performance techniques, movement, and vocal dimensions. Here in Ivins Utah, Ami also teaches from her home studio to local students of all ages and online to students – world wide.

Other areas of work in the performing arts include: owning and teaching from her Ballet Studio and Hawaiian Hula Studio, teaching piano, choreographing for theatre productions across America, and working as a performer in the professional performing field as well as in community theatre. One of her most recent starring roles was last season in ‘Zombies From The Beyond’ where she played the effervescent 1950’s ingenue Mary, who saved our planet from an impending Zombie invasion! A hilarious nod to an era gone by. After performing here at the Center for the Arts at Kayenta she said “I fell in love with this beautiful space and place where true art and the variety of artists that create it are loved, celebrated and appreciated!” She is thrilled to be working with the students at the Kayenta Arts Academy this summer.



Edwina Jones says that her love of the theater started under the direction of H.K. Baird, “It was not only how he taught, but what he taught, teaching us that drama is a way to succeed in something. His way of connecting with students earned him a Los Angeles Bravo Award for achievements in school theater. His teaching has become part of what I want kids to feel, when I work with them.” Edwina studied dance, voice, and theater at Mickey Rooney’s Talent Town and Mt. San Antonio College in Southern California. She also trained with the Professional Actors Conservatory at Rancho Santiago in Santa Ana, California, and was exposed to a wide variety of classes in the theatre arts which opened her eyes to the huge creative world of theatre. She has directed many productions and designed countless costumes as well as worked with all other aspects of theatre production.

Last year Edwina directed James and the Giant Peach, here at Kayenta. A beautiful production that combined professional actors and student actors and was received with enthusiastic support from parents and the community at large! “This year I am so excited to be working with the new Kayenta Arts Academy and directing the culmination project Seussical, where students and experienced actors come together to perform in one of the most intricate and enjoyable shows ever set on stage.” My work with organizations in California includes Hollywood High School, Bonaventure Hotel, and the Citrus College Performing Arts Center. My work in Utah includes the Aladdin Theater, Cedar Valley Community Theater, North Starz, Cedar & Canyon View High Schools, and more.


Kathleen Whiteside grew up in a musical family, started piano lessons in the 5th grade, and never looked back; music has been “my life.” She began teaching while completing her undergraduate degree at California State University, Long Beach. Her degree was in choral/vocal music education. As she pursued a master’s degree (USC- vocal performance) she continued teaching. “I never stopped teaching! I was employed by a very large set of Montessori schools in the South Bay, near Los Angeles. Here, I spent twenty years teaching preschool to early elementary music. I also have taught piano and voice privately. At the Montessori schools I developed and ran an after-school piano and art class.”

When Kathleen moved to Utah, she began teaching at George Washington Academy. She has been there since the day the school opened in 2006. In addition to her general music teaching responsibilities, she teaches after school piano classes and directs a choir. Her training and personal experience in opera and piano performance, as well as composition has prepared her for the many students that she has and will influence. In the summer of 2019, she directed Kids Create at Kayenta! She is currently the President of the local Orff chapter, having completed Level II and III of the Orff Schulwerk certification. “I believe our children need and deserve an alternative to the kind of musical diet we generally see here in this community. The Orff Schulwerk approach combines music (instrumental and singing) with creative movement, speech and drama. It is used by trained teachers throughout the world and has a long history, dating back to the 1920’s in Germany. The name refers to the “school work” practiced by Carl Orff, the composer, and his collaborators. What sets this way of learning apart is freedom, collaboration in creation, multi-sensory learning, and respect for the young-mind as a capable contributor to the final product.” While visual arts are not part of the Orff methodology, its study is a natural extension. Fostering literacy is another goal. Kathleen’s specialty is integrating music, movement, instrument playing, and the visual Arts with her creative students.

  • Provide an opportunity for children to sing, speak, dance, play, move, make and create, guided by trained Master Teachers, Directors and Facilitators
  • Foster learning in theatre arts skills, the visual arts, musical and movement concepts through classwork and performance
  • Develop stage etiquette and confidence through teamwork and taking responsible risks
  • Encouraging literacy and effective communication skills while celebrating the uniqueness and contribution of each person attending the academy
  • Increase awareness of the Center for the Arts at Kayenta, its Arts Education opportunities for young people and for adults
  • Build new relationships with parents, the greater southern Utah community and extending our arts and education imprint to the region
  • Raise awareness of the Arts community throughout the cities of Ivins, Santa Clara, St. George, Bloomington, Washington as well as the Washington County Region
  • Participate with the Arts to Zion, and Utah Life Elevated campaigns for developing our region as an Arts Education and Entertainment destination
  • Experience community and pride as the students present their work through performance opportunities

Kayenta Arts Academy is an experience unlike any other – with professional artists and teachers sharing their expertise, skills, and passion for their art. With programming that includes classes in acting and scene study, musical theatre, improvisation, music and movement,  students aged 9-16 build their art skills while simultaneously building life skills such as confidence, focus, teamwork, and public speaking. We are proud to be building the next generation of community leaders and artists. We look forward to welcoming new and returning students for a summer filled with learning, laughter and fun! As a nonprofit organization, our goal is to provide an exceptional theatrical experience and education to every student actor interested in participating. Please complete the below Scholarship Application to have your child considered for financial assistance.

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Knowing that the presence of art in our lives is essential, we are re-opening our doors in a healthy, safe way. 

Re-opening guidelines for all performances at the Center for the Arts at Kayenta:

  1. Social distance seating between all ticket groups (SEE SEAT MAP TO LEFT) Please purchase tickets in groups of two or more with family and friends if possible.
  2. Temperature checks of ALL patrons and performers will be taken upon entrance into the center.
  3. Mandatory mask wearing for all audience members and front of house staff.
  4. Multiple hand sanitizing stations in the Center.
  5. Disinfectant cleaning of theater seats, lobby and rest room surfaces after each performance.
  6. Cash free transactions, we encourage online ticket purchases directly on our site.

    “Only when we all feel safe will we be able to free our spirits to participate with the art being performed.”