Community Art Project 2020
Celebrate Our 3rd Anniversary

Hollie Ragland and nationally renowned, local artist, Greg Ragland ( are creating a vertical sculpture made of cubes that requires your interaction to construct!

How to Get Involved

On the day of your pick-up, you will be given a tray and an envelope containing 10 horizontal pieces of your disassembled 4 x 4 inch portion of the abstract painting and a color reproduction of your portion to use as a guide. Greg and Hollie will be handing out your pieces and can answer any last minute questions. Examples of each step of your part of the sculpture will be on hand to look at. Once you have assemble your portion of the painting puzzle at home, you will bring back by your drop off date. Greg will be affixing your assembled squares in his private studio.

To participate you To participate you must donate your $100.

Due to COVID 19 we are delaying setting the dates to pick up your squares to Jan. 24th, 25th, 28th, & 29th.

Masks are required to pick-up and drop-off your 4 inch square.

The actual sculpture will be available to view one week before auction!

Being part of the art

A sculpture is about deconstruction and construction.  Many involve multiple hands and skills. The effort that everyone puts into this sculpture will make the community project successful. The finished sculpture will be approximately 7 foot tall by 4 inch by 4 inch column. The top portion of this elegant multimedia sculpture will be wrapped with an original abstract painting–the sculptures skin.  The painting on multi-ply paper will be deconstructed into 4 inch squares consisting of multiple horizontal jigsaw type pieces. Then, these pieces once reassembled will be wrapped on the four sides of the tower by the artist. 

Your challenge as participants will be to assemble one or more each 4 inch square sections of the abstract painting. Your $100.00 donation to KAF provides you with a tray to assemble your 4 x 4 inch section of the deconstructed painting along with a printed visual of what your visual should look like when completed. Four trays equal one cube. The skills required from you are observation, matching, seeing and reconstructing. You will be part of a community of assemblers that is vital to the completion of the sculpture. 

The process will be similar to a jigsaw puzzle. A visual and organizational 
challenge to reconstruct an abstract painting. You will pick up your deconstructed square and tray at the Center for the Arts at Kayenta on a selected day, assemble your square at home and then return by the drop-off date. Once your elements are assembled in your square tray and dropped back off you are done with your part of the project. Greg will adhere each completed section onto the actual sculptural tower in his private studio. The participants will enjoy the challenge of the process. Some may finish in a few short minutes; others may take a bit longer.  It is not the speed of your completion but your involvement. It is the integral part of the process that will add the spontaneity to the sculpture.

Your square will not be named, and viewers will not know the exact square your fingertips have touched, but the finished piece will be a victory for the Center. A collaborative effort by a community that when sold will financially benefit the Center for the Arts at Kayenta.

A contribution of $100 makes you part of the sculptural team. It buys you your 4 inch square that will be assembled with the others to make one concise piece of art. If so inclined you may purchase more than one square. With the necessary involvement of participants the completed project will raise $4,800 for The Center for the Arts at Kayenta.  This piece will be donated to the Center with the opportunity for individuals or an individual to purchase the sculpture for their own collection or the Centers. The finished sculpture created by Greg Ragland with the help of your time will be auctioned to the community—a financial bonus for CFAK added on to your already personal financial gift and your time.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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Knowing that the presence of art in our lives is essential, we are re-opening our doors in a healthy, safe way. 

Re-opening guidelines for all performances at the Center for the Arts at Kayenta:

  1. Social distance seating between all ticket groups (SEE SEAT MAP TO LEFT) Please purchase tickets in groups of two or more with family and friends if possible.
  2. Temperature checks of ALL patrons and performers will be taken upon entrance into the center.
  3. Mandatory mask wearing for all audience members and front of house staff.
  4. Multiple hand sanitizing stations in the Center.
  5. Disinfectant cleaning of theater seats, lobby and rest room surfaces after each performance.
  6. Cash free transactions, we encourage online ticket purchases directly on our site.

    “Only when we all feel safe will we be able to free our spirits to participate with the art being performed.”