Kayenta Art EXHIBIT

1st Art Exhibit: Renewal

Pushing Boundaries Exhibit Details

Center for the Arts at Kayetna is honored to host the Kayenta Arts Festival. “Pushing Boundaries” is a photography show that entices photographers to look at things a bit differently, to try a new technique, to take risks with their photos. The show opened on March 4th with a reception catered by Victoria Topham of Petite Feast–Victoria really tempted us by pushing the boundaries of her flavorful combinations!
“Pushing Boundaries” will be on exhibit until Wednesday, April 29th.  All of the amazing photos are for sale (with 25% of the proceeds going to the Kayenta Arts Foundation and the Center for the Arts at Kayenta). We hope you enjoy viewing the amazing work our local artists create.

The Jurors of “Pushing Boundaries”

Virginia “Ginny” Northcutt

Ginny creates fanciful visual interpretations of the everyday objects and places in our lives. She is inspired by the likes of Avery, Diebenkorn, Scolder and Sultan, prompting a modern, abstract approach to her painting. Ginny approaches her subjects in an inventive and playful manner….appreciating, but being somewhat indifferent to the ideals of perfection.

Ginny has lived and painted in southern Utah for almost twenty years. Her work is acrylic. She received her formal education in art at Waldorf College, The University of Iowa and Coe College. She also served as Art Gallery Curator and Director at Coe College.

Bonnie Head

Bonnie enjoys painting with a limited pallet.  She believes that the fun of painting is the challenge of creating color harmony. To achieve this, Bonnie will paint with three colors plus white to create beautiful pieces. She learned this technique years ago while teaching drawing with colored pencils at ICL. Ms. Head has also given lessons at Blue Raven Studio in Kayenta.

Bonnie received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Northern Colorado. Initially, she taught school, but most of her career was spent developing educational programs for children, and as the Executive Director of the Alaska Academic Decathlon.

Art has always been her passion and she has been a lifelong student of the arts, enjoying the opportunity to take numerous classes from well-known artists in Alaska and the Southwest, including Norman Lowell, Roland Lee, Cody Delong, Caleb Stone, and Michael Chesley Johnson to name a few.

Kathy D. Johnson

Kathy Johnson’s art is an exploration of color and contrast. In the past she worked primarily with oils, but for the past six years she has been experimenting with encaustic (beeswax mixed with pigment and resin). With encaustic, there is less control over details and edges–surfaces are altered by heat, which makes the process somewhat unpredictable. That has encouraged her to play more with layers and surface texture, and move into abstraction. Happily, what she learned from encaustic painting has also informed and altered my approach to oil painting.

Kathy D. Johnson received her degree in fine arts from the University of Utah in 1990, after which she taught art and photography for 25 years. As a professional artist, Kathy has exhibited in many local and national shows. She has also juried many shows (including the Salt Lake Arts Festival). Ample exposure to the art of others has helped her be more critical of her own work…and opened her eyes to different approaches to creating art. Kathy paints with oils and with encaustic (beeswax mixed with pigment and resin). She is currently represented by the Juniper Sky Fine Art Gallery in Kayenta (Ivins, Utah).

Participating Artists:

Double Magic $900
by Andrew Kramer Let it Go $4,000
by Betty Marianetti

A New Day at Zion $175
by Bonnie Head

Hard Water $2,800
by Cathy Barker

Upon Opening the Door to the Sky She Knew She Would Fly $900
Just Seventeen the Somme to the Prom $3,000
by Deborah Durban

Renewal for the Unknown $300
by Ginny Northcott

Parallel Layers #9 2019 $6,800
by Greg Ragland

Anticipation $800
Potential $650
by Jennifer Burch

Quakies $110
Aspen Grove $110
by Jim Hanner

Shoshoni, My Mustang Awakening $400
Moki, Mother of Rebirth $400
by Judith Hutheson

Rebirth $500
by Kathy Johnson

Star Path $550
Remembering Basquiat $1,400
by Linda Callison (Lehmer)

Mama’s New Irrigation Boots $1,100
Sacred Mountains $975
by Miriam Rawson

Cenote $300
Heart of the Universe $225
by Nanette Pugsley

Solar Rebirth $6,000
Continuation of Spring $975
by Sherrie Spinelli

Ride Through Life $350
by Ute Albert

Shedding New Light on an Old Subject $1,250
Spring Renewal $600
by Waldo Kidd

The Spring Gala $250
Guided Spirits $150
by Wil Adams

More Upcoming Exhibits:

November 2020: Watercolor/alcohol ink/ink/gouache Exhibit—2-month run

Theme: “Liquid Color”

January 2021: Drawing Exhibit (charcoal, graphite, pastel, silverpoint, etc.)—2-month run

Theme: “Self Portrait”

March 2021: Open to all mediums—2-month run

Theme: “Anything Goes”

May 2021: Fiber Arts and Ceramics Exhibit—1-month run

Theme: “From the Earth: Fiber and Ceramics”

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