Kayenta Arts: Self Portrait Exhibit

The February 2021 Exhibit is open to any DRAWING created with graphite, charcoal, pen, chalk/oil pastel, conte crayon, markers, silverpoint, scratchboard, etc.–or a combination of these drawing mediums.

The theme is “SELF PORTRAIT.”
Note: A self-portrait does not have to be a realistic rendering of one’s face; abstract representations are welcome!

Entries for this show will be accepted at the Center for the Arts at Kayenta on: Wednesday, January 27th from 3 – 6:00 PM.
(If you cannot drop off your art during these times, please contact Kathy Johnson at lakathay@hotmail.com)

Art Exhibit: Self Portrait

Sadly, due to COVID restrictions, there will not be an artists’ reception for this exhibit.

This show will end Wednesday, March 31st. Unsold entries can be picked up that day between 3:00 and 6:00 PM.

Art will be on display to the public during regular staff business hours (Monday – Friday 12:00 – 4:00 PM), and during scheduled performances.

The Jurors of “Self Portrait”

To Be Determined

Participating Artists:

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  1. Masks are NO longer required for vaccinated patrons!!
  2. If you are NOT vaccinated, respectfully we will REQUEST, not require, that you properly wear a mask when inside the theater.

Thank you for your consideration in order to keep our staff, performers and patrons safe.