Core Values

Adopted 11/24/2014 - Kayenta Arts Foundation Core Values1


KAF is responsible to the public and serves it with transparency through program evaluations, internal and external audits and reviews, and frank and open discussions.

Agents honor donors’ intentions and restrictions on the use of their gifts, and promote responsible stewardship of the resources they entrust to KAF for the accomplishment of its work. KAF Directors, staff, and other agents are accessible and responsive to members of the public who express an interest in KAF’s affairs.


KAF maintains high operating and program standards. Directors support and encourage visionary governance, exemplary management, creativity, and excellence in service and program delivery. KAF Directors and staff are selected on the basis of qualifications and commitment to KAF’s mission.


KAF operates within its Code of Ethical Conduct.

Activities, services, and programs are consistent with its stated mission, compatible with its organizational capacity, respectful of the interests of its varied constituencies, and managed with a high degree of professionalism. KAF agents provide truthful information about its mission, program activities, use of donations, and finances. Agents comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Directors and staff enable each Director to exercise his/her fiduciary duties of care, loyalty, and obedience. Each Director strives to be reasonably informed and to participate in Board decisions in good faith and in the best interest of KAF.


KAF values the diversity, dignity, autonomy, privacy, beliefs, and cultures of individuals and communities it serves and its employees and contractors, and those who donate and volunteer. Agents operate with consideration for the different roles within the organization played by Directors, Officers and staff and understand that these may carry different legal and ethical responsibilities which must be considered and, at times, given deference.


KAF relies on the willingness of its Directors and staff to contribute time, talent and/or resources to support KAF’s mission. Directors, staff, and other agents accept that their participation and support of KAF activities as well as community activities/events that are aligned with KAF’s vision are essential to KAF’s sustainability.


KAF believes in the honesty, integrity, and reliability of its agents. Directors, staff, and other agents are chosen after due diligence and in the belief that they will communicate and act in an open, truthful, and respectful way in all relationships. Agents value thoughtful, reasoned dialogue with one another, particularly in times of disagreement, and are confident that all parties will share information relevant to the issue at hand and use that information to foster KAF’s mission.

1 Based on the Core Values of the Utah Nonprofits Association

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Knowing that the presence of art in our lives is essential, we are re-opening our doors in a healthy, safe way. The state may be at the Yellow Phase but we are maintaining the more strict Orange Phase Guidelines for Theaters.

Re-opening guidelines for all performances at the Center for the Arts at Kayenta:

  1. Social distance seating between all ticket groups (SEE SEAT MAP TO LEFT) Please purchase tickets in groups of two or more with family and friends if possible
  2. Temperature checks of all performers before each performance
  3. Mandatory mask wearing for all audience members and front of house staff
  4. Multiple hand sanitizing stations in the Center
  5. Disinfectant cleaning of theater seats, lobby and rest room surfaces after each performance
  6. Cash free transactions, we encourage online ticket purchases directly on our site.

    “Only when we all feel safe will we be able to free our spirits to participate with the art being performed.”